Chisomo Mathayo

Chisomo Mathayo was born on May 15th and enrolled in our program on May 23, 2017. He was one of 3 triplets and only weighs 2.8 lbs. His mother is unable to produce adequate milk for all of the babies so 2nd Milk has stepped in. Unlike many babies in our program, Chisomo has both a mother and father. They are seasonal farmers and the father does side jobs to help support his family. Their income only allows them to live in a grass-thatched and earth floored home.
We hope you’ll join us in wrapping prayers around this family and the three sweet baby’s health, especially upon returning home. If you feel compelled to give to donate formula for Chisomo click the link.


Want to provide formula, nutrition & a future to this baby?  We have 4 options that #GiveLife.  A full sponsorship covers all costs associated with 2nd Milk providing nutrition for each baby.  A full sponsorship is $200 per month.  We have 3 other options for any individual, organization or family wanting to change the life of a baby. $150, $100 and even $50 per month.   Fill out the information below and become part of this baby’s life forever!

Sponsor Chisomo Mathayo

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