Gloria is a 3 months old boy who was abandoned in a pit latrine by his mother. He was rescued by the neighbors who heard his desperate cries. He was in terrible physical shape when he was recovered from the pit. He suffered a terrible head wound on the fall inside, and his mouth and nose were infested by maggots. The nearby neighbors took him to the hospital out of desperation. Once there, the nutritionist reached out to 2ndMilk for help. When admitted to the hospital, he weighed around 3 kgs or 6.6. lbs. He was 1 month old.

Due to the love and financial support given from 2ndMilk, he is now 6.8 kgs (15 lbs) and is doing very well.

2ndMilk has been ministering to him since his admission into the program in mid-October, and there is substantial physical progress. However, due to his abandonment, his physical needs are not always met. You might ask, what the future is for a baby abandoned in Kenya?

Gloria will be transferred to a children’s home as soon as one is identified. Unfortunately, finding a home for baby Gloria will prove to be hard. The unavailability of a good children’s home is a chronic issue, especially within Kisumu County. It could take years for one to have a space come available. We are asking not only for a monthly sponsor for baby Gloria, but also for the chance for placement in a home. Until such a time, he will continue to live in the ward at Russia Hospital. 2ndMilk is able to provide not only the physical needs for this baby, but also visit him weekly to hold and love on him.


Would you consider sponsoring this sweet baby today?  We have 4 options that #GiveLife to these babies.  A full sponsorship covers all cost associated with 2nd Milk providing nutrition for each baby.  A full sponsorship is $200 per month.  But we also have 3 other options for any family wanting to change the life of a baby in Malawi Africa. $150, $100 and even $50 per month.  Want to be the life change to save this babies life?  Fill out the information below and become part of this babies life forever!

Sponsor Gloria

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