Pemphero Phiri

Pemphero Phiri was born on March 16, 2015 and weighs just over 15lbs.  Her mother, Fanes Phiri died of Yellow Fever. She is currently being looked after by a widow Margret who is a volunteer caregiver not related to Pemphero’s family.  The widow is taking care of Pemphero out of the kindness of her heart because she lives in the same village as Pemphero’s parents. 
 Would you consider sponsoring this sweet baby today?  We have 4 options that #GiveLife to these babies.  A full sponsorship covers all cost associated with 2nd Milk providing nutrition for each baby.  A full sponsorship is $200 per month.  But we also have 3 other options for any family wanting to change the life of a baby in Malawi Africa. $150, $100 and even $50 per month.  Want to be the life change to save this babies life?  Fill out the information below and become part of this babies life forever!


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